Vision + Mission


Our Vision is to break down barriers and have an inclusive community, free from biases, judgement, violence and abuse.

We are passionate about human rights and will provide advocacy for each person we support, ensuring their voice is heard.

(Image description: photo of several people's hands intertwined up in the air, united together as one).

Women Holding Hands


Our mission is to embark on a journey with each person that we support, employ and connect with, as we believe that each person deserves to achieve and celebrate their milestones, develop their skills, experience new things, be involved in their own decision making, feel empowered and in control of their supports and actively involved in their life.


We will walk alongside each individual who requires some assistance with supports in the home, the community or the workplace.

(Image description: several people of various ethnicity with their arms around each other, huddling and supporting each other).

Group Hug